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    So close to nature and to Balos island
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to know where we came from..

Agarathos is a shrub similar to sage. On top of the branches they grow fruits, which looks like small heads consisting yellow flowers rich in nectar

From ancient word scull : kara=head
with (a) prosthetic and ending -thos we have the type
A-gara-thos  > Agarathos

Cretan Flavors Cretan Hospitality

everything can be found here..

In an atmosphere that reminds something of the years gone by and with people that lovingly prepared for you an unforgettable experience of simplicity and taste with fresh vegetable, local meat and Cretan Olive oil ( our production ).

The traditional Restaurant  Agarathos welcomes you in a traditional alley of Kaliviani.

Enjoy our company and take with you the flavors and aroma of Cretan Hospitality

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